First step with the Self-Service-Platform

Choose the right product based on your marketing goals:

  • Daily Bargain: Product Awareness, product offer communicaton, communication of clever deals and bargains
  • Daily Wins: Lead generation via sweepstakes and user interaction with your brand. 
  • Daily Samples: Engagement, Lead generation (product testers), promotion via product promotions 
  • Daily Checks: Website conversions, Awareness

Account creation:

If you don’t already have an account with us, you can easily create one. Many a times you will get a special discount code from us. You can apply that, while registering. If you have already created an account, just log in and start creating your campaigns.

Getting started:

You do not require to create or upload any creatives like you do for other digital advertisement activities. What you will require is campaign information, promotion information in the text form. You need to define campaign region and campaign schedule. That’s all! You can instantly create your campaigns. If you want to create multiple campaigns, say for multiple outlets across the country. Just duplicate the initial campaign, change the information that needed to be changed (for example region) and instantly create a new campaign.

Fill in the information required:

In the self-service-plattform you can set your campaign schedule, number of leads and basic information. You can also create a campaign that should go live on any particular time on any particular date live. The campaign will automatically go live on that particular date. Meanwhile, if you want to do the changes, you can do it, completely free of cost.

You have full control over the course of your campaign. In addition, the platform offers you the regional targeting function to achieve your local marketing goals.

Test it:

Once you have created a campaign, you can test it on your own device, if you want. You can hear how Alexa will read out your campaign message. If necessary, do the changes and test the campaign again. Once you are satisfied with the campaign creation, save it and thus put it online.