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Take your marketing to the next level the world’s first Voice Marketing Self-Service-Platform

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the Digital Advertising and Media industry we know a lot about the advertising requirements, insights in the lead generation patterns and having foresightedness for the new digital happenings.

Our Self-Service-Platform based campaign creation environment is very user-friendly and we have made the campaign creation process so easy that you can create your Voice Marketing campaign without any previous knowledge at any time within a couple of minutes.

We have made sure that you can save time while creating multiple campaigns just by duplicating the original campaign. You can thus change the parameters for your next campaign have multiple campaigns online, very instantly.

Once you have created a campaign, you can also test it on your own Amazon Echo Device/ Alexa App. You can carry on multiple corrections and changes before and after creating a campaign. Our goal is to make you campaign creation experience as Advertiser-Friendly as we can. If you still need help about how to enter the information or what information should be entered, you can just click on the Help menu to get more information about the data fields. 

In the reporting section, you will be able to download the report for any date range with real-time data. Especially the insights you will get from us about campaign interaction, the ROI you can analyse is very unique. You will see the exact date and time of interaction. Things you would never experience with other digital marketing instruments and activities.

The invoicing process is also accounting friendly. You get your invoice in your inbox with well sorted details based on campaign and product type. Thus, you will be able to see the advertising costs based on product as well as aggregated for all the products.

As you can see, you are getting world class experience with one-stop-shop for all your voice marketing requirements with process ease. On case-to-case basis, we also offer managed service, if you want us to manage your campaigns.

Happy Voice Marketing!

Choose any of the voice marketing products, you are communicating directly with the end user. 

Lead generation, sales support with the new objective-based advertising, you first set your campaign goal. This enables us to precisely align your campaign with it and adapt it accordingly.

The goal of your campaign is the action you want your audience to take after they see the ad. We support all funnel goals – from more awareness with top funnel campaigns to conversions with bottom funnel campaigns.

Daily Bargain: Product Awareness, product offer communicaton, communication of clever deals and bargains

Daily Wins: Lead generation via sweepstakes and user interaction with your brand. 

Daily Samples: Engagement, Lead generation (product testers), promotion via product promotions 

Daily Checks: Website conversions, Awareness