Any user can use the Daily Wins Alexa Skill to participate in attractive sweepstakes with desirable prizes just by voice commands. The user doesn’t need to touch, click or do anything with his/her hand or figures. Just using voice command is enough.

We are making the Daily Wins Alexa Skill available in Germany, U.K., USA, India, Canada and Australia at first. Other countries will soon follow.

When the user speaks to Alexa, a recording of the question he/she asked will be sent to Amazon’s server so that their systems for speech recognition and understanding of natural language can process and answer user’s request.

If the user uses the Daily Wins Skill, Amazon exchanges certain information in text form with the Daily Wins Alexa Skill, but not the actual voice recording. This can include, for example, the content of the question or the command (e.g. the query regarding particular sweepstake category or brand) or information the user has consented to them (e.g. the postal address of your Echo device, provided the user uses it for the Daily Wins Skill). Based on the information transmitted by Amazon, Daily Wins Skill searches for the required answer and transmits it back to Amazon in text form. Alexa then reads the answer back to the user.

A user can participate in every sweepstake just once. This is because most sweepstakes only allow one entry per e-mail address for that particular sweepstake. If the user participates in a sweepstake more than once we will automatically remove any duplicate entries. Therefore, entering a sweepstakes more than once will not increase the chances of winning for any user.

There is absolutely no restriction on how many sweepstakes a user can participate in per day.

A user just needs to ask the Alexa Skill Daily Wins Skill for sweepstakes by either Brand name or Category. For instance, the user can say, “Alexa, ask Daily wins for Sweepstakes from testbrand” or “Alexa, which sweepstakes do you have in the Lifestyle Category”? Alternatively, the user can just say “Alexa, I want to win” and Alexa will then navigate the user through the process.

No, once the user has participated, his/her willingness to be involved is immediately communicated to the you (sponsor/advertiser). If the user really wants to make sure that their participation should be revoked, the user needs to contact you (sponsor/ advertiser) directly. The user will find the information about sponsor/ advertiser in the e-mail that they receive from us after his/her successful participation. In addition to that he/she will find the information about your Terms & Conditions over here https://daily-wins.com/daily-wins-skill/current_promotions/. Thus, if you clearly mentioned the contact details, the user can contact you without any hassle.

Each state has its own rules governing sweepstakes, occasionally making it more difficult for a

sponsor to offer promotions in a particular city/ state.

Absolutely, it may be the case that you (as sweepstake sponsor) will just want to have participants from a particular postal code, city or state to take part in your sweepstake. By default, the user will always receive the sweepstakes valid for his/her postal code.

Yes, a user can change his/her postal code or any other data in his/her account through daily-wins.com. The changed information will be valid immediately. In fact, the users are requested to keep their data up-to-date to fulfil the Terms & Conditions of our website, Alexa, and also, in several cases, the Sweepstakes your (as sponsor/advertiser).

No. The user must be above 18 to use the Skill and the website.

Participation in a sweepstakes of the Daily Wins Alexa Skill (a Product of blueShepherd GmbH) is completely voluntary and without any cost for participation.

The user will be contacted directly by you as the sweepstakes organiser/ advertiser. Every time after the user’s participate in Daily Wins Alexa Skill sweepstake, he/she will get an e-mail with any additional information that is provided to us by the sweepstakes organiser/advertiser.

Yes, they can deactivate the Skill at any time. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Once the user has deactivated the Skill which we are sure he/she will regret, the user will get a confirmation by e-mail. The user will not be able to participate in any sweepstakes offered by Daily Wins unless he/she activates the skill again.

No, unfortunately not. Daily Wins Sweepstakes are only made available via an Alexa Skill as of today. This may change in the future, so watch this space!.

The user does not necessarily need to have a smart speaker. He/she can download the Alexa app and still able to take part in the sweepstakes.

No, the user doesn’t need to create a new Daily Wins account. He/she can still use the existing account. As long as the user uses the same e-mail address in his/her Alexa App, and for the Daily Wins registration, he/she will be able to use the Daily Wins Alexa Skill.