Over 21 million people in Germany actively use voice assistants in their everyday lives and thus represent a new target group that wants to be addressed and picked up by innovative voice marketing products. But now the question arises, how can I reach this target group most effectively and how can I make an elegant entry into the “voice world”?

With the help of our voice marketing products, you have the opportunity to reach a new target group even today and to convey “hands-free” offers or competitions to users according to the situation. With inexpensive and effective voice marketing, you can expand your portfolio without high risk.

For every step within the “customer journey” we have developed a suitable voice marketing product, which gives you the freedom to decide at which step you start your company in the voice marketing category. All of our products are intended to increase the performance of your advertising measures.

With Daily Checks, the Voice Business Directory, you can be found more easily in the local search. Daily Samples is perfect for getting to know potential customers through product samples or free trials of services. With the ability to communicate offers, Daily Bargain efficiently boosts the sales of your products or services. With Daily Wins the language competition, the target groups can be tied more firmly to the company.