Daily Bargain: Alexa Skill

Special offers, best deals, great bargains, product offer information or time-limited offers are an attractive means of drawing customers’ attention to your own company and putting the respective products or services in focus. 

Customers can be addressed through targeted offer communication such as a lunch offer in the restaurant or an early bird offer or a free yoga class and encouraged to make a purchase or try out your offer. 

Nevertheless, users are now fed up with the common push marketing methods that randomly rattle every user and overwhelm them with offers that are not tailored to the user.

That’s why we have developed Daily Bargain. Here, the user is actively looking for great offers in the category selected by him/her or for the selected brand or the respective product, which gives you the opportunity to be present in real time when the user searches for offers via the Daily Bargain Alexa Skill.

We offer an easy-to-use voice marketing solution that is unique and useful for your local, national and international promotions. As an advertiser, you have the opportunity to start and control your own campaign communication with the help of our self-service platform so that you can target the user in search mode with our pull marketing solution “Daily Bargain”. Simply register on The Voice Marketer and start a voice marketing campaign. Convey great offers of your brand to the target group.

About Daily Bargain Alexa Skill

With the “Daily Bargain” Alexa Skill you can communicate offers and at least achieve three results:

  1. The user (potential consumer) who is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​receiving exclusive offers with his/her voice can share the experience of the offers with family and other friends. Thus, acting a multiplicator for your campaigns.


  1. The attractive offer encourages customers to visit your online or local shop in order to continue the experience with a purchase or the use of your service.


  1. And you have valuable new customers and solid campaign reach using innovative voice marketing solution.

Don’t miss out: The first 70 customers have the unique chance to secure a 30% discount on a Daily Bargain Voice Offer campaign.

Simply register on The Voice Marketer and set up your first voice marketing campaign. Daily Bargain wishes you good luck!

Daily Bargain Alexa Skill for the User

With the Daily Bargain Alexa Skill you can secure latest and local offers, best deals, great bargains just via VOICE COMMAND. As soon as you have registered on the Daily Bargain website and activated the Daily Bargain Alexa Skill, you can start looking for the latest deals and bargains. By specifying your postcode, the search is regional and you have the chance to strengthen local companies by using the deals locally.

Another advantage is that you get the offers sent to you by email so that you can call them up and use them again at any time. Because YOU as a user actively search for offers, the deals at Daily Bargain are much better tailored for you and you do not have to deal with unnecessary advertising measures that prevent you from your actual search.

As a user, you register once free of charge on www.daily-bargain.com stating your zip code and your email address. We need the zip code to send you as a user local deals (You get the deals only when you have asked for it) and your e-mail address to send a preselected selection of deals, bargains from particular category or from particular brand that you have searched for by voice. With the voice search you can ask for the offers at any time and any place, whether at home using a smart speaker or on the go using the Alexa App.

Get information about the offers just by your voice command.

Daily Bargain for special offer communication