Daily Checks: Alexa Skill

In order to survive in today’s economy it is particularly important to be present for the potential customers quickly and at all the times if he/she is looking for your service or your product. Local Voice search is becoming more and more important. So that the user decides in your favour as a company after the search for local businesses, it is important to offer as precise insight as possible into your portfolio and contact details which is usually associated with high costs.

With Daily Checks voice search (The Voice Business Directory), the user has the option of receiving search result those are pre-filtered based on his/her postcode and the respective business type category. Thus, saving time in the search and further analysis for the right company and contact details. In addition, the user receives an e-mail with the list of selected suitable companies after the search. You also have the opportunity to store a detailed company description and social media links in addition to your contact details, which makes it easier for the user to know more about you. The advantage for you and the user is that the company information is only sent to the user if the user’s search query (search term) matches your information. This pull voice marketing solution saves you money and time because users don’t have to surf the various websites to get basic information on opening times or contact details, but receive all the information about Daily Checks Skill conveniently by email.

Would you like your company to be found out by the potential customers? Then register your company with Daily Checks, the first every voice search business listing.

About Daily Checks Alexa Skill

The entry in the Daily Checks Alexa Skill can help you in three ways:

  1. The user has the option of forwarding the filtered search results to his friends and family and thus also disseminating your company’s data. They could be the best multiplicators for you.
  2. When users discover your listing and it matches their search, users can be encouraged to visit your online or local store to continue the experience with a purchase or service.
  3. You have valuable new customers, solid reach and new users using voice marketing mechanism.

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Daily Checks Alexa Skill for the User

Reach your goal with voice daily checks. Regardless of whether you as a user are looking for a nearby craftsman or a restaurant- with the Daily Checks “The Voice Business Dictionary” you will always find the right company or local partner in your area. As soon as you have registered yourself on the Daily Checks website and have activated Daily Checks Alexa Skill, you can start the voice search. By entering your postcode the search is regional and you have the chance to strengthen local businesses by using the information sent by Daily Checks.

Another advantage is that you can access the company contact details anytime and anywhere since you will receive them directly by email after your have searched for them. In addition, the company profiles, which are sent to your email address via daily checks, are fully equipped with facts such as the opening times, the address and the social media account links of the respective company.

As a user, you register once for free on www.daily-checks.com, stating your zip code and your email address. Since you will receive an email with selected company contacts after the voice search with the help of the Daily Check Alexa Skills, you save great time searching for a suitable result in contrast to the telephone book, yellow pages, Just Dial or Google (My Business). Ask Daily Checks for company listing or contact information from anywhere and any time by using a smart speaker at home or on the go using the Alexa app.