Daily Samples: Alexa Skill

With free product samples, product tests or freebies potential customers receive exclusive impressions and are encouraged to buy.

 “Voice Based Sampling Promotion” is a completely new concept. But even as the process evolves, the goals remain largely the same. Potential customers are looking for free product samples, product tests, freebies or want to try the product at a cheaper price before they can actually buy and / or recommend it. With Daily Samples Alexa Skill, users have the opportunity to easily and specifically call up current sampling offers and take part in the campaigns / promotions. The users then receive a confirmation email and you, as the advertiser, receive the exact information from the participants in the report. This means that you receive the valuable leads in real time.

You as an advertiser can control the product sample campaigns via the self-service platform. Regional control of campaigns at zip code level is also possible in order to address the target group as precisely as possible.

About Daily Samples Alexa Skill

The Daily Samples Alexa Skill provides you at least three great benefits as an advertiser:

  1. The user is enthusiastic about the possibility of trying out your product or being able to test it in detail and shares the experience with family and other friends. Thus, acting a multiplicator for your promotions.
  2. The product tests can encourage users to visit your online or retail store and continue the experience with a purchase. Thus, strengthening your local experience.
  3. And you now have a valuable new lead for your company’s user-database or customer-database to send future marketing messages to.
Daily Samples for product samples promotion

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Daily Samples workflow Infographic

Daily Samples Alexa Skill for the User

With the help of the Daily Samples Alexa Skill, you as a user have the opportunity to get to know new products or services through (free) product samples, product tests and freebies. For you as a curious customer, the Daily Samples Alexa Skill is THE new tool to get great product samples with as little effort as possible … and that also by voice command.

The only thing you need to receive (free) product samples, product tests, freebies is your voice besides the Daily Samples Alexa Skill. Once you have activated the skill choose your desired category from which you would like to receive product samples or free services. As soon as you have participated in the campaign i.e. ordered a sample you will instantly receive a confirmation by email. Thus, you will exactly know which product samples you have ordered.

To use the Daily Samples Alexa Skill for product and freebies all you have to do is register on www.daily-samples.com website, activate the Daily Samples Skill in your Alexa app and then confirm with the same email address that you have used to register for Daily Samples (“Alexa Email used with your Alexa Account”).

The ordering and participation process is user-friendly and transparent. This means that after you have selected your product or freebies that were presented to you in the Daily Samples Alexa Skill, you will receive a confirmation by email to the email address you have provided when you registered. This contains all the data about the product sample you have just ordered.