Daily Wins: Alexa Skill

With the Daily Wins Voice Sweepstakes you have the opportunity not only to enter the new cosmos of voice marketing but also to reach your existing users through voice and reach the untapped Target group, which as a result broadens your User base and brand visibility.

Sweepstakes are mainly used to increase the awareness of your brand and to expand your Customer base.

With Daily Wins voice sweepstakes you can implement the voice marketing campaigns easily and much more efficiently. Furthermore, the Daily Wins Alexa Skill helps the user to find your Campaign in an easy manner. The user can then take part in your voice sweepstake simply by using voice command.

As an advertiser or Sweepstake provider, you can manage your Sweepstake campaigns using our self-service platform at www.thevoicemarketer.com.

The Campaigns can be delivered using regional targeting. Even targeting any particular Zip code is also possible.

About Daily Wins Alexa Skill

With the voice-based Sweepstakes “Daily Wins” you can achieve three important outcomes:

  1. The user (consumer) is excited about the possibility of winning grand prizes. Furthermore the User acts like a multiplier by spreading a word with other friends and relatives. This helps in increasing the Return on Investment for your promotion activities.
  2. User is encouraged to visit your online shop or your local retail store leading to a purchase. Thus your Campaign promotion with the Daily Wins Alexa Skill can support your Sales.
  3. Now you can gain a valuable new lead for your company’s user or customer-database, which you can use for further sales and marketing promotions.
  4. You gain insights about promoting Sweepstakes in an innovative manner i.e., Voice based Sweepstakes.

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Start your voice-based Sweepstake campaign today with our voice marketing product “Daily Wins”.

Daily Wins Alexa Skill for the User

Through Daily Wins, you as a user have the opportunity to participate in unlimited number of voice sweepstakes every day by registering just once.

The voice sweepstakes are customized for you, where you as a user can select your voice sweepstakes by brand, region (zip code or city) and categories. By default, you will receive all sweepstakes associated with your zip code. Therefore, you can participate in any local and national sweepstakes.

We are different from others! You get voice sweepstakes Campaigns only when you ask for it and not automatically by Push notifications.

To use the Daily Wins Alexa Skill for Sweepstakes all you need to do is register on the Daily Wins website, activate the Skill in your Alexa app and then confirm with the same email address you used to register for Daily Wins. Now the world of limitless sweepstakes is open to you!

After successfully entering a contest, you will automatically receive an email from Daily Wins with more information about the contest you just entered. 

Join today and make your voice the most important feature to win great prizes. Register now at www.daily-wins.com and activate the Daily Wins Alexa Skill.

Have fun and success with Daily Wins!